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The following links are provided in an effort to help land owners gain a greater understanding of increases to CAUV values. "Why Did My CAUV Values Increase So Much" was produced by Larry Gearhardt, former Director of Local Affairs at the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. The "Explanation of 2013 calculations" is the actual document produced by the Ohio Department of Taxation detailing the 2013 CAUV value calculations. The "Informational Presentation" is a document prepared by the Ohio Department of Taxation to help explain the factors used by the Agricultural Advisory Committee in establishing values.

We hope this information is helpful. Questions should be directed to the Ohio Department of Taxation, Division of Tax Equalization at 614-466-5744.
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Why Did My CAUV Values Increase So Much?

Explanation of 2013 Calculations

Informational Presentation from the Ohio Department of Taxation - Agricultural Advisory Committee
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