Welcome to Washington County, Ohio Auditor’s Office Website

As County Auditor, my responsibilities are varied and extensive. I am the chief fiscal officer for the county as well as the tax valuation assessor. It is my job to see that the funds of Washington County are spent legally and that tax revenues are distributed properly, but I do not audit anyone. The Auditor of State has that responsibility. As tax valuation assessor, I am required to have each parcel of real estate valued at market value every six years. The Ohio Tax Commissioner typically orders a statistical adjustment three years later based on actual market sales in our County.

Our office processes various license applications on behalf of the State of Ohio, most notably dog licenses. We also administer several property tax reduction programs such as homestead and current agricultural use valuation. As the county sealer of weights and measures, I am required to check dispensing pumps for fuel quantity (not quality), scales and timers for accuracy, and prepackaged items for quantity.

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Matthew Livengood
Washington County, Ohio


Accounts Payable: 2113
Dog Licenses: 2123
Farm Programs: 2125
Fiscal Accounting: 2112
Homestead Exemptions: 2123
Manufactured Homes: 2122
Payroll & Benefits: 2111
Property Appraisal Value: 2142
Real Estate Transfers: 2124
Report New Construction or Demolition: 2141
Vendor’s License: 2125
Weights & Measures: 2151
Tax Map: 2161
Tax Map/GIS Office: 2162
Other Questions: 2121


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