Weights & Measures

Consumer Tips

The County Auditor is responsible for testing the accuracy of weighing and measuring devices used in the purchase and sale of commodities.

Here are some useful tips for consumers:

  • When buying an item by count, such as prescription drugs, make sure the label indicates the amount you are to receive.
  • When buying firewood, be sure to request a receipt which has the name, and the address of the vendor, as well as the delivery date, amount delivered, quantity upon which the price is based and the total price of the amount delivered.
  • When purchasing gas, be sure to multiply the price per gallon by the number of gallons so you are sure the price is correct.
  • When purchasing merchandise on a counter scale, remember that the height of the person can cause a difference when reading the indicator on scales that are not electronic.
  • Over-the-counter scales and their quantity value indicators must be in plain view of the customer during transactions.
  • Look for the current year Weights and Measures seals on all weighing devices.